Can you buy youtube views and subscribers in 2021?

Buying youtube views and subscribers can be a dangerous game on many well ranked businesses. Ultimately you need to make sure they're following the community guidelines provided by Google and YouTube directly. 

The vast majority of businesses out there are running bots, click farms, and paying people to watch videos while charging a premium.

This is dangerous for your channel and its important to make sure advertising your videos is done correctly through legitimate paid ads.

As content creators ourselves we ran into this issue on a daily basis. Services claiming that they had the best VIEWS and SUBSCRIBERS on the internet! Ultimately it was a bad experience and more importantly unsafe for our content.

This led us to start Bottlerocket's booster packs where we actually RUN ads on YouTube and Google directly for video creators. No bots or mumbo-jumbo. Over the years of creating content on our own YouTube channels we've worked with dozens of agencies. For everyone new to content creation on YouTube agencies will reach out to creators and offer sponsorship deals directly. This is amazing for creators and allows them in many cases to do what they love full time. The catch here is that when agencies try to help run promotions for your videos and channel it can cost A LOT! In some cases $5k to $10k per month to grow your channel using an agency. 

This lead us to create a simple, cheap, and fast solution for creators to promote their videos without costing them the kitchen sink. Now having worked with hundreds of amazing creators all over the world promote their videos we have some exciting partnerships lined up! More on that soon.

Now each time you publish a video, you have a friend ready to promote it in a safe and cost effective way. This allows creators to focus on what they're great at... creating content. We take care of getting that amazing content in front the exact target audience through YouTube and Google Ads.

If you haven't already be sure to read through YouTube and Google's community guidelines around views and building an audience. Beyond promoting your videos it will help you better understand how Google views video promotion from a high level. Ultimately there are things that can hurt your channel but advertising directly on YouTube using their ad platform is far from one of them. 

To learn more on how to build an audience with our services check the different booster packages out HERE

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