How do you promote your YouTube videos?

We've worked with hundreds of amazing content creators on YouTube in dozens of niches that always ask us "How do we get views on YouTube?" This is a good question but its also important to add THE RIGHT views on YouTube. There are a lot of bots out there making bad impressions on your channel. Ultimately, you need to promote your video through the correct channels to not negatively effect your standing with YouTube.

Many people assume all promotion of YouTube videos is bad. This is not true and couldn't be further from the truth. If you use YouTube ads like we do for our happy customers you will be able to target and reach the exact audience you want! This comes at a higher price than other "buy youtube view services" of course given this is an authentic and REAL approach to getting YouTube views.

If you are looking to boost your YouTube views and reach the right audience Bottlerocket is the best option on the market for the price. We know that creators everywhere are using their ad revenue to re-invest in growing their channel, so don't waste that hard earned revenue. Invest that ad revenue into something legitimate and safe that will expand your audience making you more money long-term! 

We believe that the biggest difference in a lot of services out there is WHO is behind them. As content creators ourselves with large audiences its extremely important to us that we provide a high quality service for customers using YouTube ads.

It's extremely important to us that we remain cheaper than hiring an agency. In the past we've worked with agencies to help grow our personal YouTube channels and it was thousands of dollars. We designed Bottlerocket to be an order of magnitude cheaper than all the agencies out there.

If you are looking to boost your YouTube subscribers our booster packs are super useful. Not only will your YouTube views go up but since they are the RIGHT views people will subscribe. When you pay to promote a YouTube video its key that you gain organic subscribers who liked the video. Likes and comments on your video are important for the YouTube algorithm but subscribers are extremely important for long-term growth. 

If you are looking to boost subscribers, buy real YouTube views, or grow your audience on YouTube, definitely check out our cheapest package to get started today!

The Lightning Booster Pack is in high demand and we would love to work with you.

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