Is it safe to buy YouTube views?

We get this question A LOT and there are so many bad actors in the video promotion space that is has soured the opportunity to promote videos using legitimate methods (YouTube ads)

For example we have customers in the travel niche that use our services on a monthly basis and they love building an audience with paid ads. However they are consistently sending us "view sellers" that are selling thousands of views for $5 at a time. These views are NOT a good investment and should be avoided if you care about the health of your YouTube channel. Our prices are priced at a premium because we are offering a top tier premium product at (in our opinion) an HUGE discount. Most marketing firms will charge you thousands per month to get started with consistent promotions. 

Before doing promotions with your YouTube videos its important to know WHERE the views are coming from. This is a question most "view sellers" on the market cannot and will not tell you. Unfortunately many services will use click farms without concern for the negative effect it will have on your channel. The best way to combat this to make sure you are getting high quality promotion for your video is to simply ASK where the views are coming from. If there is any issue with sharing that information, run for the hills!

Personally our team of content creators has tried just about every service out there for promoting videos and some are better than others.  We set out to approach YouTube video views differently.

What if content creators that wanted to stand out in their niche could target their viewers DIRECTLY on YouTube consistently? This is where we come in and couldn't be happier with what we've built. 

As creators ourselves buying youtube views and promoting youtube videos are very similar concepts but it depends on the messaging and communication with the person selling that promotion. If your "promoter" isn't willing to show you where the views are coming from... its best to move onto someone who will. We believe in transparency and HIGH quality viewers.

In addition to asking where views are coming from its important to check YouTube and Google's community guidelines on YouTube views to make sure services are following the rules. This topic leads us to our final point about syncing a channel to a platform. 

Would you hand someone the keys to your luxury car after just meeting them and let them take it for a spin? NO.

We understand that providing a service with access to your YouTube channel is an extremely hard choice to make. Many marketers don't understand this. Providing each permission is stressful and is a gamble in many cases. This is the main reason we chose NOT to ask for access to YouTube channels and operate the YouTube ads externally. 

Be very careful with services that ask for access to your channel and read what permissions they require before providing them. Our team has learned the hard way for providing the wrong services access to social media accounts with too many permissions. 

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