Is It Safe To Buy YouTube Views and YouTube Subscribers?

We get asked this question daily, is it safe to buy YouTube views, YouTube subscribers, and YouTube likes or comments? The short answer is - it depends heavily on WHERE and HOW you are promoting your videos to obtain those engagements. 

Many of the services out there that claim their platform offers "safe" promotion are actually running bots to like, comment, view and subscribe to YouTube channels. This is a big no no in YouTube marketing and these services go against the community guidelines. In turn those are not safe. 

The safest way to "buy" YouTube views, subscribers, and engagement is through promoting your videos directly with YouTube ads. If you chose not to use our world-class and customer focused service providing people with low cost YouTube ads for their videos, be sure to ask the service you do use.

Ask the promotional service WHERE ARE YOU PROMOTING MY VIDEO? 99% of the time they will not tell you how their service provides the YouTube views, YouTube subscribers, and YouTube comments. If they do dodge the question RUN for the hills!

As content creators ourselves, we started Bottlerocket to provide a real, safe, and low cost service we wish existed. 

If you find another service THATS GREAT! be sure to watch your video analytics and confirm that they are telling the truth about where the views are coming from. The benefit to just being honest with customers on something as data driven as YouTube channels is that you build trust. 

From your creator studio simply click ANALYTICS and look at the traffic sources for each video. If you promote a video be sure to click on the analytics for that video specifically and see where the traffic came from. A benefit a lot of creators don't know about Google and YouTube ads is they help channels organically grow even after the ads are completed.

Easily our favorite customer feedback has been screenshots of video analytics with happy face emojis. 

Be honest and ask hard questions when promoting your YouTube channel. We are doing our best to build a trustworthy promotional service for mico-influencers everywhere!

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