How It Works

The Bottlerocket team has developed a streamlined approach to video promotion. Simply follow these 3 steps for each video you are promoting and watch your real views, likes, comments, and subscribers grow.

Step 1. Tell us who should see your video

find your audience
Provide us with the link to your video and 10 keywords that describes your content. We'll use these keywords to setup a YouTube ads promotion so your video reaches the perfect audience!     

Step 2. Reach your target audience

target users
Using YouTube Ads, we promote your video directly on YouTube and Google to users searching for your 10 keywords. We focus 100% on audiences based in the United States.     

3. Get views, subscribers, and real engagement

grow your channel
Your targeted viewers will naturally find your video interesting and can like, comment, and subscribe to your channel.
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We've found our customers are always searching for services that focus on promoting youtube channels and videos!